I haven't seen any Nodes to Consider entries for some days. Have others noticed the same? Is there a problem?

Things that have changed recently at my end:

Perhaps the entire monastery has been on its best behaviour and pats on backs in every cloister are in order. :-)

Update: Thanks to all who responded. It seems that no entries for a few days was not a issue. I'm now seeing new entries for consideration.

-- Ken

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Re: Nodes to Consider: Empty for Some Days
by ww (Archbishop) on Sep 07, 2011 at 03:20 UTC
    I like the "best behavior" theory or, as an alternate, a combo of diligence by the janitors; good behavior (except by spammers); and an usual configuration of the planets, sun, moon and Hurricane Katia has led to a situation where all considerations satisfied the requirements for automated reaping or the constraints of janitorial guidelines (permitting the aforementioned 'diligence' in removing cobwebs, etc.).

    But, nonetheless, I suspect some glitch.

      Well, that gave me a good chuckle! (++ when the vote fairy comes)

      -- Ken

Re: Nodes to Consider: Empty for Some Days
by moritz (Cardinal) on Sep 07, 2011 at 05:12 UTC

    "Nodes to Consider" hasn't been empty all the time in the past few days. Instead there have been occasionally about 15 spam nodes to consider, which typically have been reaped rather quickly.

    So I think there's no need to worry about the technical integrity of that list.

      Thanks, moritz. I had noticed spam nodes have been jumped on rather quickly lately (including a couple in nodes I had started). There's usually a few "add code tags", "fix typo in title" and so on: perhaps "pats on backs" all round are indeed in order. :-)

      -- Ken

Re: Nodes to Consider: Empty for Some Days
by davido (Cardinal) on Sep 07, 2011 at 06:48 UTC

    I cleaned out some driftwood in there, and got it tidied up a few days ago. That was before the start of the weekend, when the site typically experiences low traffic. Then we went through a holiday weekend in the USA, which further reduced traffic. So aside from the spam messages that someone already mentioned, there hasn't been a ton of activity, and what activity the site has seen hasn't required any considerations.


      My computer died on Friday and I set up a borrowed replacement on Sunday so I wasn't aware of weekend activity. It all makes sense now! :-)

      Thanks for doing the clean up.

      -- Ken