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Several thoughts:
  1. I don't think that cutting and pasting code is too difficult for even making small changes. Each node (container, superdoc, etc) or opcode is a fairly small piece of code and is pretty easy to manage as far as updating.
  2. As far as the name, I believe that vroom and several other monks have been using the term developers to describe the would-be group.
  3. Finally, if no one will be able to edit the actual source or view the MySQL database, then I see no reason why there should be only a select group that can view the source. Why not make it so that all people can submit there own changes? or post their updated code in Perl Monks Discussion for comments/suggestions?

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Re: (zdog) Re: Perl Monk Hackers
by srawls (Friar) on Jul 04, 2001 at 22:02 UTC
    Good point, mabey everyone can submit changes, and only a select group can change the code? Mabey only root can change the code? I don't konw, but if those who make decisions like this idea, I'm sure we can come up with something. As for the name, I was not aware of that until neshura /msg'ed me, and I think it's a good name. Thanks for your suggestions.

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