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Anyone who read my recient retort knows how I feel about that. Let me clarify: beyond being terse but still providing useful information (which some people might perceve as being unsocial, but is fine for technical work <g>), but using phrases like "wouldn't you be able to grasp the concept..." or "you look like a moron" is something different entirely. I beleive that the group (when it is a community, not an open mob like the newsgroups) should take that person to task for it, in the same venue. Maybe he's having a real bad week and doesn't realize he's taking it out on everyone, maybe he's trying for a different effect and not realizing that it's insulting.

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by gregor42 (Parson) on Jul 07, 2001 at 08:20 UTC

    The Teacher Strikes the erring student with the bamboo rod.

    The student lashes out in anger.

    The Teacher is unmoved.

    The student bows his head in shame

    Wait! This isn't a Parachute, this is a Backpack!