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I notice that the node in question isn't even on the Nodes to Consider list. I guess somebody wanted to make sure it couldn't get an 'edit' vote

I found it amusing, although it did make me cringe. I suspect if you had waited a few months and used different vocabulary, it would have got some mixed voting, caused a bit of discussion in the CB, and then gone into the archives, just like this one did.

And while we're busy being puritan, don't you think we should remove all references to bestiality? It's just not decent, and is hardly related to Perl.

It annoys me that the response of a so-called educational site is to punish people who have a go but miss the mark a little. I think that someone should have had a quiet word to you, made a few suggestions about the content and then edited the title. I like your enthusiasm.

I think your post would have been ok with a warning for the easily offended and then a 'highlight to read' edit. To do this just set the background and foreground colours to be the same, so that it is invisible until highlighted.

And yes, being punk does kick donkey ;)

I didn't believe in evil until I dated it.

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