Please forgive me if I ask this, but what are you trying to accomplish?
Why do you think that you need the data structure that you are asking for?
How does the rest of the code use this?
I suspect that what you are asking for is not what you really need.
We call this an X-Y problem.
Please enlighten me.

Perl is amazing. If you "back up" just a bit to explain a bit more about the application, my suspicion is that you will get some ideas that you haven't even considered.

You give:

info01,info02,info03... info11,info12,info13..
And then:
$VAR1 = { info01 => { info02 => { info03 => { info02 => { info12 => { info13 => {
What happened to info11? Why does info02 become a higher level hash key?

I re-read your problem statement. Sounds like you have some of what I would call aliases. Perhaps "Cathy Smith" is the same person as "Cathy Smith Jones" or whatever. I am not sure what is going on.

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