IIRC, this bit of magic is done via XML::Simple and a simple looking for ppd files fuzzily matching the file name based on the search criteria and the listed repositories. I'm on a Win95 box <sympathy is appreciated> w/o anything remotely perlish installed, so I cannot show the output of my PPM.

I would not, however, deny that the modules I have or the site is w/o flaws. If it is, lemme know. I claim to be no expert, tho I play one on TV.

Oh! You know what! I have "multi-threaded" in the ppd files, which I dunno if the Siemen's port compiles as such. Thus, you may not see it! Hmmmmm ... Try grabbing the ppd and tar.gz and edit the ppd file - removing the line w/ "multi-threaded" on it ... wonder if it will search that way ( using the --location path or URL in the search command ) ...

UPDATE: I have heard a while back that ActiveState was ditching SOAP in PPM, but I see now that that is incorrect. SOAP is used in the search capability, so no I head out and find how to set up the SOAP server piece ... MY BAD!

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