Hey there, I am trying to generate a code, which allows me to send an E-mail via lotus Notes. I am kinda stuck with the following problems, since i donīt know the api. If the E-mail is sent through perl it does not show in my lotus notes folder "sent". I would also like to have the feature before sending the mail, that it would open first, so I can take a quick look at it before sending. I am definetly not a geek when it comes to programming but this is what i got so far: Is there a good website for Lotus Notes Perl API. I canīt seem to find what I am looking for.
use strict; use warnings; use Win32::OLE; my $Notes = new Win32::OLE('Notes.NotesSession')or die "$!: cannot sta +rt Lotus Notes Session object.\n"; # my $Database = $Notes->GetDatabase('server1', 'db1\myown.nsf'); my ($Version) = ($Notes->{NotesVersion} =~ /\s*(.*\S)\s*$/); print "The current user is $Notes->{UserName}.\n"; print "Running Notes \"$Version\" on \"$Notes->{Platform}\".\n"; # user dependent my $Database = $Notes->GetDatabase('', 'mail444\Calcu.nsf') or die "$! +: could not open database.\n"; if ($Database->IsOpen) { print "database is open\n"; } else { print "database is not open\n"; } print "creating new document\n"; my $Document = $Database->CreateDocument('test') or die "$!: can't cre +ate document"; if ($Document->IsNewNote) { print "document is new not saved\n"; } else { print "document is not new\n"; } print "populating fields\n"; $Document->{'plain_text'} = 'E-MailTestViaPerl'; $Document->{'SendTo'} = 'yourMail@test.com'; $Document->{'Body'} = 'Carpe Diem. This is a Test'; $Document->{'Subject'} = 'Is it working?'; print "saving document\n"; $Document->Save (1, 1); $Document->GetLastDocument; $Document->Open(); $Document->Send(0); printf "$Document\n"; if ($Document->Send){ print "Send"; }
I hope you can help me.

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