What is your favorite scientist and why?

[] Albert Einstein for having stink foot [] Albert Einstein for publishing a wedding contract from hell paper t +o his first wife. [] Claude Shannnon for riding a unicycle at night at MIT [] Edward Teller for being the template for Dr. Strangelove [] Isaac Newton for the apple [] Robert Oppenheimer for his in-depth knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita [] Kikunae Ikeda for discovering the secrets of the soy sauce [] Wilhelm Röntgen for the foundations of body scanners [] Rusi P. Taleyarkhan for cold fusion [] Alfred Nobel for his contribution to the progress on the battlefiel +ds [] Donald Knuth for being such a great organist [] Larry Wall for his website [] Louis Camille Maillard for discovering why steaks taste good [] Joachim Sauer for drinking coffee with Melania Trump [] Richard Feynman for his bongo skills [] Erwin Schrödinger for sleeping with his colleagues' wives [] Erwin Schrödinger for cruelty to cats [] Edwin Hubble for pretending to be a pipe-smoking English gentleman [] Paul Dirac for speaking one word per hour when socializing [] Yulii Borisovich Khariton for the Tsar Bomba [] Andrei Dmitrijewitsch Sacharow for his third idea [] Klaus Fuchs for his correspondence with Josef Stalin [] Marie Curie for the shiny stuff [] Hugh Everett for immortality, especially for cats [] Hedy Lamarr for weaponizing pianos [] Ada Lovelace for the palindrome [] Nikola Tesla for the cool cars [] Sigmund Freud for his Ménage à trois [] Sigmund Freud for donating his libido to the German Empire [] Burkhard Heim for providing the missing link between science and my +stics [] Theodor. W. Adorno for his contribution to the reception of jazz [] Other (please explain why)

Update: Added Richard Feynman because of some special request

Update2: Added some more promising candidates because of some special request

Update3: Added some more promising candidates because of some special requests

«The Crux of the Biscuit is the Apostrophe»

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