Actually, some enterprising folks have already done this mapping of objects to multiple tables -- with inheritance -- using SPOPS. (Search the openinteract-dev mailing list for ESPOPS, or /msg me for a url.) I haven't been able to fold it into the main module yet but I hope to in the near future (~2 months).

Also note that SPOPS doesn't prevent you from doing this, it's just not built-in. There's nothing stopping you from doing:

My::News->global_datasource_handle->{AutoCommit} = 0; eval { $news_article->save; $news_category->save; $news_author->save; foreach my $news_topic ( @topics ) { $news_topic->save; } }; if ( $@ ) { My::News->global_datasource_handle->rollback; } else { My::News->global_datasource_handle->commit; } My::News->global_datasource_handle->{AutoCommit} = 1;

I also have a tickling idea for transactions across multiple datasources, but that is much further in the future.

And SPOPS may take advantage of the DBI features you mentioned when they exist and are stable. The SQL abstraction stuff is well-factored so if we wanted to plop something else in there it wouldn't be too difficult.

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