Terrence asked me to post an Alzabo version of this code for the curious. So, assuming that you already have your schema object defined (which can be done in about 5 lines of code with reverse engineering or via the web app that comes with Alzabo)...
use strict; use MP3::Info; use File::Find; use Alzabo::Runtime; $|++; @ARGV = ('.') unless @ARGV; my $schema = Alzabo::Runtime::Schema->load_from_file( name => 'mp3' ); find sub { return unless m/\.mp3$/; my $tag = get_mp3tag($_) or return; my %mp3 = map {lc($_)=>$tag->{$_}} keys %$tag; print STDERR join(':',values %$mp3),"\n"; $schema->table('Track')->insert( values => \%mp3 ); }, @ARGV;
Of course, that's a pretty weird table that has album, artist, etc. You'd probably want to do that relationally with multiple tables instead.

Terrence, you neglected to mention that 'sql_lookup' bit in your example actually requires some setup in advance.

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