Holy Monks,

Since about four years i'm dealing with perl. In my job as system-administrator of an heterogenous mainframe-unix-windows-environment i made the experience that perl is an excellent glue between the different systems and i really love working with it while i steadily increase my skills.

In addition to my professional job i spend a lot of private time doing various things on my pc at home. Linux, cygwin, gimp, html and above all perl are the things i'm dealing with mostly.

My private activities are mostly interesting and entertaining. But at least they take much time and sometimes i had the idea whether it could be nice to get some extra earnings out of all these hours being busy with the pc.

I looked for telecommute perl jobs in the web and found several.

Two points seems problematic to me

  1. most of the adverts are looking for mod_perl, mason and other web-orientated things. Regarding this i would have a lot to strengthen my skills
  2. i am a non-native english speaker (i know you already recognized that;))
Okay. My question to you is whether you already did telecommute (perl) jobs and which experiences you gained with that ?

Thanks in advance and greetings, tos

In reply to your experiences with telecommute programming jobs by tos

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