Here's another tip: Those questions in that node you mentioned can a) probably be found in the sites FAQs somewhere, of which there are a good many, and/or figured out on your own, or, asked/answered quickly in the Chatterbox. (Which, if you haven't noticed it yet, is quite a useful tool for short questions, especially ones about the site itself..)

I'd guess this is what motivates people to downvote, that you're asking things which seem pretty obvious/apparent to them. (Every new user is of course, entitled to be clueless, we all were once, but some people don't seem to remember that ,)

If you need something deleted, also ask in the Chatterbox, there's usually someone around who can mark it to be deleted at your request, and it'll disappear..

Oh, and that .sig is probably asking for trouble.. Watch, observe, and so on, don't worry too much about rep, you'll get the hang of it..


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