Why you got downvoted? Because you posted 4 (now 5) threads in a row to monkdiscuss. This is equivalent to scrolling the screen or dumping text in an IRC channel. You practically monopolized the section. It's not individual posts in themselves, but the fact that you were overly chatty and verbose. "This guy seems to be having a rave, let's cut his enthusiasm a bit", that's how the downvoters perceived the situation.

Remember, this is a monastery, and a more reserved, monastic demeanor is required (if you want to get high reps). Off topic content is accepted, but only if it's really funny, novel, interesting, well written, and, most important, in small quantity.

My advice: take a break, lay low for a week or so, until most people here forget about your very existence :), and then start posting again. And don't take it personally, people are just nicks here, unless they're the regular saints who post every day! :)

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