Hey monks,

Updating on some chatter yesterday in the CB: I've -again- a page I'm parsing. The parsing goes wel (with, I admit, a big ugly regex that probably could've been written much shorter), but now I want to assign a rank to each match, ie. the first match should get rank 1, the second match rank 2, ... the nth match should get rank n.

I came up with this:
my $ranking_dgp = 0; do { my $gene = $1; my $chromosone = $2; my $score_dgp = $3; $ranking_dgp = $ranking_dgp + 1; push @gene_score, [ $gene, $chromosone, $score_dgp, $ranking_d +gp ]; } while ( $text =~ m{gene\=(ENSG\d+).*?<TD>\s+(\d+|X|Y)\s+</TD>.*? +<TD>.*?<TD>.*?<TD>.*?<TD>\s(\d.\d+)\s\<\/TD\>}gsm); print Dumper @gene_score;

but it's one off: my first match gets rank 2. When I look at my output, I also see and understand why, but I can't think of a better way to do it.

$VAR1 = [ undef, undef, undef, '1' ]; $VAR2 = [ 'ENSG00000165659', '13', '0.738681', 2 ]; $VAR3 = [ 'ENSG00000184226', '13', '0.627447', 3 ];

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