You XP whore you!

OK, I have just one comment on the use of XML::Twig (besides stating that this is how I use it myself most of the time): if you go through the pain of putting my ($t, $node) = @_; at the top of the anonymous sub you might as well use $node in the body:

NODE => sub { my ($t, $node) = @_; my $nodeid = $node->att ('id'); !exists ($nodehash {$nodeid}) or croak "N +ode $nodeid is duplicated!"; $nodehash {$nodeid} = {'nodeid' => $nodei +d, 'title' => $node- +>text, 'rep' => $node- +>att ('reputation'), 'last' => $node- +>att ('reputation'), 'date' => $node- +>att ('createtime') }; $t->purge; }

Also I found that -h does not work (-? does, you should check $args{h} on line 87, and I usually use $0 instead of hard-coding the name of the script in usage().

Good job anyway, it seems to be much faster than the previous version, 4 to 5 times faster actually!

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