Dear Monks,

I regularly visit the Nodes To Consider (NTC) page and vote - which sometimes involves a lot of scrolling and re-parsing.

The following few lines of CSS added to the On-Site CSS Markup text area of the Display Settings nodelet helped me to get a somewhat clearer overview by hiding the bodies of those nodes, I've already voted in the past.

In the hope, that some might find it useful too - here are the CSS alternatives for completely or partially hiding NTC nodes already dealt with:

/* Nodes To Consider (id:28877): Completely hide nodes that you have voted in the past. */ tr.ntc-body.ntc-voted, tr.ntc-head.ntc-voted { display: none }
/* Nodes To Consider (id:28877): Hide bodies of voted nodes only. Authorship, consideration information, and voting results still v +isible. */ tr.ntc-body.ntc-voted ul { display: none }

Personally, I prefer the latter option (both checked with Opera and Firefox).

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