I just finished my first version of a semi-automatic test generator for web applications. I've called it "RoboWeb" and it's now available for download from sourceforge, in hopes of it being useful to others. Reviews are gladly accepted.

Here's an excerpt from the README:

RoboWeb is a suite of Perl scripts that allow for recording live user browsing sequences and insert assertions during them to later reproduce and automatically verify correctness of output of a web application. Recording test sequences is easy, just fire the roboweb_proxy script and make your browser point to it. The proxy will generate a test sequence script as you browse and you can insert "must_match" commands in the recorded sequence by entering regular expressions directly in your browser's URL box. These commands get translated into assertions that will be run against the server response text when the sequences are reproduced, to verify that server responses are correct. RoboWeb will also automatically put your web application backend database in a constant 'test-scenario' state before recording test sequences and before executing test scripts. This allows for reliable testing of complex web applications. After you collect a number of test sequences you can execute them via the TEST script, which will produce standard perl Test::Harness output.
If you find this interesting you can download it from its page at Sourceforge.



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