Everyone dislikes me in this site, i think all you guys are cool, but a lil crazy minded, but it's cool. Everytime i post something, you guys find something wrong, the last 3 times i've posted, i didn't get my help. but i did get some replies: "you did blah wrong.blah blah". And about this not my post not being about perl, i've seen lots of nodes not about perl, come you guys are the mastes, you know everything, so i can ask here anything related to computers, come on. I don't do drugs, i hate them. I just say what i think, and i don't think that's bad. I am a good kid dammit. I like the Ramones. I'm punk. I like you guys, i think this site's a masterpiece. I can keep writin whatever comes to my mind. but i won't cause you guys will get piseed. alright that's all. i just felt like i needed to say something. I am a smart Bastard(i am, really)

I Am the master... and you suck. Ohh yeah, be punk, it kicks ass!.
later kids..
Guys, I was dumb back then, I'm sorry about all those dumb nodes,(I still have the lil poem, but i'm not gonna make it public), anyway, i was imature, and i hope all of you forgive me. You're all awesome. I am now crying. bye, and thanks.

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