No, you are mistaken. Nobody here hates you.
I very rarely ++ questions, I prefer to ++ answers, but I recall I did ++ one of your questions, because I liked your nick. I thought with clever nick, you are clever person, and I hoped XP point will make you feel better (I remember how good it felt for me recently - I am fresh here). I hoped you will visit PM again, and learn, as we all learn here, and I thought this is your goal here.
You are working hard to prove me wrong, and after long hesitation, I -- this your node.
I decided not to write you right away, but sleep it over. And here is what I want to tell you:
This place is called Perl Monastery - and for a good reason. Monastery is a place where people come to spend time in learning, leaving all concens outside. Where noise and distractions are prohibited. Many monks (me, too) like this place, because here is good "signal to noise" ratio, unlike some newsgroups. We want to return and keep this place as it is.

And we also want to help other monks to appreciate Perl and learn it more. So when you posted your questions, others spend they valuable time answering them - for free. Check merlyn's homenode. Can you imagine how much he charges his paid customers? Here his wisdom is available for you free. Can you appreciate that? And merlyn is only one example, check saints and contemplate how much "cooler" they are. Check srawls - he is just 15, but substatially more experienced than you ... and even me, damn!. I was surprised how good he is. Many (most) monks are more experienced than you, but they do not feel the urge to tell you that "you suck", can you see the difference? Can you guess why?

Again, I do not hate you. I think you are young frustrated perl beginner, strugling to be better than your peers - and probably you are, because you found this place and (I hope) you are eager to learn more. So think about your attitude, about unwritten rules we have here, submit your questions (after you read FAQ, tutorials ans used Super Search), and we will answer it.

But I do fell little offended by your language and attitude. And if you decide to be stubborn and refuse to learn (not only Perl), not to change, I will consider -- some your postings which language I do not like. I believe it is my right to do so, as you have right to post it here - even using language I personaly do not like. It is not a threatening, it is advice.

So I do not hate you - but I believe it is in your own interest to learn, to change, to improve. Many other monk felt like other hated tem, this happens in large communites, and I am not surprised or offended. (read Why me? Why not Ovid? (discussion) to find one example - Ovid and deprecated are monks in good standing with us). So I do not have you - just stop making noise, we are learning here.

Now, why I am spending almost hour thinking about you and typing this? I wish somebody will help like this to my son, when he will behave like you and will need guidance and help.

One of nice things abou this site is, you can learn better perl coding, but also learn to be better person. Hubris is a virtue to a Perl programmer, but please read excellent tilly's posting Vice to virtue and back again and you'll realize that sometimes hubris is a vice, and being humble is a virtue. Think if it may apply to you.

You are fine. Just stop cursing in monastery and come again when you are ready to learn. Good luck! pmas
To make errors is human. But to make million errors per second, you need a computer.

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