Fellow programmers,

I've been a Perl advocate for ten years now, while many have transferred to PHP I stuck with it and over seven years developed a hugely powerful, vastly dynamic management system in functional perl. The seven years were spent refactoring and making the 'structure' of the software beautiful, so that it can run any website of any specification.

It's aim is simply to be unbeatable in any category. Although it wont have the biggest feature set, it's unbelievably dynamic and can be made to do anything with reduced code plugins. It already features the best security system of any CMS (I believe this) with user-group rights, inheritance and section security. Then there's the speed (ModPerl ready) and reliability. Comes with workflow, admin and user tools. Most websites won't need anything else over what is already provided.

My website has only basic documentation at the moment but those with a basic understanding of Perl can jump right in. You can see my own personal website as I travel the world at: It uses much of the functionality offered by this software.

It's GNU and downloadable here:

I LOVE feedback, it makes my day to read comments and suggestions, so if you try it out please let me know what you think.

Lastly, this is software for developers. It allows end-users to run websites but is for developers to create them. As such, do not expect a 'Windows Install' setup. You still need to know your stuff.

Power to those that love Perl!

Enjoy, Andrew

## Coding on the go, currently in India travelling the world with his Mac.