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Hi All - Sincere apologies if this has been asked before and I am repeating. Just needed a quick input from experts here. May I know what I am doing wrong in below code. For some reason, the directories are not being processed recursively. I do see that the program finds a directory and the function is being called recursively. But, only one time it is being called and not working as expected.
#!/usr/bin/perl my $parent_dir = "/panther/home/efxprod/support"; process_dir($parent_dir); sub process_dir { my $dir = shift; print "Processing $dir\n"; opendir(SCR , $dir) or die "Can't open $dir: $!"; while( defined ($file = readdir SCR) ) { next if ($file =~ /\.$/ ); next if ($file =~ /\.txt$/ ); if ( $file =~ /\.sh$/ ) { print "not a regullar file: $file\n"; } elsif ( $file =~ /\.pl$/) { print "perl $file\n"; } elsif ( -d "$dir/$file" ) { print "directory : $file\n"; process_dir("$dir/$file/"); #next; #} elsif ( $file } else { print "Else :$file\n" if ( -B "$dir/$file"); } print "file -> $file\n"; } return; }