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I think maybe we should step back one more step than that. What precisely is the state machine meant to do? Perhaps some sample input and output would help us understand better. As BrowserUK says, your description seems to imply just an ordered series of actions, and I think that's not what you mean.

Do the state transitions add more items to the queues or something like that? Otherwise I can't see why a...oh, WAIT.

Is the idea to have a top-level set of states (the "top"), with each state having a "queue" (actually a set) of possible "next" states, and this needs to possibly be variable - or each state is set up to have multiple actions, to be used one-by-one? So the real idea is to have a list of possible current states, with each possible next state linked to it, and one or more actions per each state? More like the right idea?