in reply to Anonymous Monk's Logging

Would an IP help that much? I'm not sure it would. If it could log the host, maybe, so it would be easy to identify even anonymous monks, but IPs are hard to recognize. I'm afraid I don't have a solution beyond eliminating anonymous posting altogether, and whether that should be done or not I won't say. I've thought about this at length before, and written about it even for some other sites; I don't particularly want to go into that now.

I don't care what the Anonymous Monk said about my code. I was bored and wrote that and thought it had some value, but in that person's opinion it didn't. Too bad they couldn't have been a little nicer about it :)

I think we can all handle an occasional troll here and there, but if such things become common, I really hope we can come up with something to keep this from becoming another slashdot.

Just my thoughts on the subject.