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At the risk of wandering offtopic...

As in Util's entry was unsporting? Or my comment?

Neither. I meant to say that it seemed unsporting to give the victory to the P6 entry, since the language has such a clear edge in concise, expressive power.

If the implicit aspect you're speaking of is a general P6-isn't-Perl sentiment, well, I don't subscribe to that.

Nothing of the sort. I merely meant implicit in that all the Perl Golf I've seen - limited as that is - was P5. I've never really considered P6 for golf, which is why I characterized it as an exhibition entry - bit of a joke with a nod towards the under-development nature of P6, is all.

I've puttered with Perl6 on and off for a few years now, each time coming away with two impressions:

  1. The sense that it's not quite production ready, and
  2. I'm gonna have to seriously raise my game to get the most out of it when it is.