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Hi, anybody can help on this?

As title says, how can I add horizontal spacing between a radio button and it's text? The text is way too close to the radio button make the gui looks weird. Below is my code (I tried columnspan and it seems doesn't works for me):

$mw->Label(-text => 'Package Selection', -justify => 'left' )->grid(-sticky => 'w', -column => 0, -row => 1); my $package = 'normal'; foreach my $type (qw(normal pckg_A pckg_B)){ $mw->Radiobutton( -text => $type, -value => $type, -variable => \$package, #)->grid(-sticky => 'w', -column => 1, -row => 2); )->grid(-sticky => 'w', -column => 1, -row => 2, -columnspan=>20, +-padx => 50, ); }

Thank you.