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Location:I was born and raised on the streets of Connecticut, relocated to CA for two years to dip my toe in the dot-com world, resigned in November 2001, relocated to RI to persue other calmer ventures with my girlfriend at the time who became my wife, mother of our daughter and then my ex-wife. I now work in NYC and live in East Lyme, CT with my beautiful 19-year old daughter full-time.
Hobbies:Competition darts and throwing knives
Experience:C, Perl, CSS/*ML, Intrusion Analysis, Computer Forensics, firewalls, SCM, SQL, etc.
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Wed Jun 19 16:29:54 EDT 2002

<rob_au> A quick question ... what are the opinions of others as to the best way to retrieve text from HTML - that is, without all HTML formatting and just the text it self <newrisedesigns> view it in a browser, cut and paste

Thu Jul 3 14:34:04 EDT 2003

<tye> technically, skinning cats is on-topic for a Perl site, since there is clearly more than one way to do it.