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Did you read what you linked says? says perl dwimperl-linux-5.20.1-2-x86_64/perl/bin/reloc_perl dwimperl-linux-5.20.1-2-x86_64/perl/bin/ so why don't you do that, why don't you use

The is not really what I want here as that would require the users to change their code

Sure it wouldn't require that of users as there is PERL5OPT/ sitecustomize ..... wait a minute there :)

When you install any relocatable perl, the installer updates Config; If whatever installer you're providing your users doesn't do this, give them a or a so that %Config gets updated when they install this new perl, once its installed, they can move it and run relocateperl again

So maybe I misunderstand what Portable does.

It updates %Config ... flash/usb drive? you stick it in, it gets a new driveletter ... all of %Config paths are now wrong ... it fixes this

The relocateperl of Citrusperl might do what I need here, but it is written in C and I could not find its source yet.

Its quite pure-perl, it comes with citrusperl, its specific to citrusperl , which makes an .exe for it ... citrusperl\apps\scripts\relocateperl.xpl and citrusperl\apps\scripts\citrusutils.xpl

You can find "reloc_perl.bat" from ActiveState at Changing Perl Config settings, How to move a windows perl installation??, reloc_perl - copy a perl installation to a new location, ActiveState::RelocateTree - copy tree substituting paths at the same time

Strawberry installer/relocator portion is this parts

Basically update and fixup paths in pl2bat-ed files

CitrusPerl is a perl distribution maker/distributor, make your own CitrusSzabgabPerl :)