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G'day Lady Aleena,

Given you indicated in "Re^2: Adding details with summary html tags" that you were generally unfamiliar with <spoiler> — forgot it existed; didn't know its purpose; didn't know how it worked — I suggest reading "Perl Monks Approved HTML tags".

Having seen quite a few of your previous posts, you seem reasonably familiar with HTML5, so the differences (elements, attributes, functionality) should hopefully be fairly obvious to you. I think that any proposal of this nature should also address such differences; for instance, what subset of the attributes used in HTML5 would you like implemented (I don't think all of them would be appropriate).

What you're proposing is, as ++LanX indicated, already handled for the most part by <spoiler>. Because of this, I don't support your proposal to introduce two new elements. Having said that, I would support (at least in principle) a proposal to add a mechanism to <spoiler> that allowed it to be hidden after it had been revealed: basically, some sort of Show/Hide toggle switch.

— Ken