Dear Monks,

I have been watching a series of Advanced SQL lectures online.

Most my experience with SQL is with 1992 standards. I used T-SQL for MS SQL Server.

I'm quite impressed with some of the new functions of more recent standards. Others I'm not so sure about. It seems to me that much of the recent additional functionality could be achieved using simpler code, admittedly longer code (as was with SQL-92). Compactness of code seems to me to be unimportant relative to clarity.

Much could be achieved, I remember, interfacing Perl code with T-SQL. Is SQL in danger of running ahead of itself? Should SQL be contained and constrained? I kind of feel that much can be achieved using SQL, including class inheritance. But how far should the SQL ISO standards go with all that?

SQL is now a Turing complete declarative language, with a recursion capability.

Any thoughts on all that?


My thinking has been that programming languages do not quite adequately consider the requirements of Agile methodology. This became clear when reviewing the recent implementations of SQL for the various DMS.