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A possibility is that only 32 bit Perl works as the software version I am using is very old. So will now try to get a spare Windows machine, load 32 bit Perl & see if it works. If this approach is doomed, please let me know.

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Re^2: Help! dmake error Win10
by syphilis (Bishop) on Jun 15, 2021 at 00:16 UTC
    If this approach is doomed, please let me know

    Worth a try ... though I would have thought that, if the library was incompatible, then there would be some output from the build process mentioning that incompatibility.

    Also, you could install one of the "portable" 32-bit Strawberry Perl builds (eg on the same machine - and thereby avoid the need to find another machine.
    The recent Strawberry Perl builds use "gmake" (which they provide) instead of "dmake".

      Using 32 bit perl worked.