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Hello again eyepopslikeamosquito,

the point is not "let's go back to being hunter-gatherers!" the point is to evolve in a different way. Capitalism is founded on conquist: new markets, new products, new needs to create.. an having overhelmed geographically the whole planet now points its craveness toward new frontiers. It always reminds me an old Polish pun:

> Capitalism is the explotation by a man over a man. Real Socialism is exactly the opposite.

About the space faring civilization I'm completely against this idea: it is a fairy tale aimed to distract the attention on the sad fact we are destroying our dear blue planet: "Ok we failed with this planet, let's try another one" is not what I'd call a progress. If longer term survivial means to live into a metal box on the surface of Io or Europa, I'm not volunteering :)

Sci-fi is nice and fun, but until we brake the Universe Laws being able to travel in the iper-space and being able to terraform planets, there is nothing good for us at our reach. For me this is just the myth of Colonization era projected into the space.

I m strongly for a better consideration of the wonderful planet we walk on and, why not?, of their mad inhabitants :)


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