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With respect, I think you're still missing the point. They don't care about you or I or any other individual.

It will be perfectly legal for you to continue to use your current flavor of UNIX. It will not, however, be legal for any other company to develop a new version of this OS without it meeting the terms of this bill. And what if someone decides to do this underground or outside the country? I doubt they really care. What they know is that companies will not use this product for threat of legal reprocussions. It will drive virtually all companies to abandon UNIX implementations unless they want to stay with what they have a very long time. It will force all new implememtations to .NET. And once that happens, what's to stop them from limiting which "clients" can access these "approved" servers? Of course it will be done in the name of security.

Just because you can avoid the direct impact of this at the moment doesn't mean that you'll like the world that's left beyond your router. That is, if you can even get to it.