vote on What would be the most significant thing to happen if a rope (or wire) tied the Earth and the Moon together?

The moon would crash into the Earth
[bar] 85/11%
The moon would breakup at the Roche limit
[bar] 37/5%
The wire would turn the Earth into a giant electromagnet
[bar] 15/2%
The Earth would turn into a giant yo-yo.
[bar] 39/5%
The moon would orbit every ~24 hours, significantly changing the lunar calendar
[bar] 45/6%
The centripetal force would rip out the Earth's core
[bar] 19/2%
All man-made satellites would be destroyed, causing great havoc
[bar] 17/2%
Moon landings would become significantly easier
[bar] 64/8%
The rope or wire would break, no matter how strong it was
[bar] 241/30%
The Vulcans would show up for First Contact causing yet another revision to the timeline
[bar] 31/4%
The Galactic Police would snip the rope and put the Earth on probation
[bar] 36/4%
Some idiot would get terrible, terrible, rope burn
[bar] 98/12%
We finally get those golf balls back
[bar] 74/9%
801 total votes

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