It seems that nodes are being front paged lately as if some monks haven't read Friar or how to use the moderation system. Either that or serious XP whoring is going on.

This has come up before (see previous discussion nodes), but we seem to have a lot more friars+ now, so we have more eyes for the approval process.

My proposal is to either make it a part of Nodes to Consider or as a seperate section. The criteria for showing it on the frontpage could be:

  • Approval first.
  • Can't FP your own. If it's good for the FP, it will get there
  • Five votes to FP
  • Positive rep (greater than 2? Function of NORM?)
  • No edit votes.
  • If it hangs out in NTC for a week, drop it from consideration.
  • Previous discussions that should be read:

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