in reply to VERSION section in POD

I've started adding the following badge section to my top level module pod so information is provided but maintenance is not required. This includes the minimum perl supported, current github version, CPAN version, Travis-CI state, Coveralls information, and Kwalitee score for that package.

Probably overkill but once it's set up you don't have to mess with it anymore. The down side is it will only display in browsers not in man pages. Inspect the various specific urls for your implementation substitutions. I generally put it right after the NAME section.

=begin html <a href=""> <img src="" + alt="perl version"> </a> <a href="" +> <img alt="Build Status" src=" +adsheet-reader-excelxml.png?branch=master" alt='Travis Build'/> </a> <a href=' +elxml?branch=master'> <img src=' +-reader-excelxml/badge.svg?branch=master' alt='Coverage Status' /> </a> <a href=''> <img src=" +-reader-excelxml.svg?label=github version" alt="github version"/> </a> <a href=""> <img src=" +?label=cpan version" alt="CPAN version" height="20"> </a> <a href=' +L'> <img src=' +celXML.png' alt='kwalitee' height="20"/> </a> =end html

For the github badge to work you have to draft a release with the package version as the 'Tag version'