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A partial index in appreciation of the altruism (Re^4: Persuading turkeys to vote for christmas)

Had to remove a couple false positives manually, like Hardon (Collider). I would talk about your frequent misspellings, improper casing, bad HTML taking up screen space in every post, rather flexible dictionary meanings in discussions, shoddy grammar, and such but that would just be pedantic and you already taught me that lesson, as you promised. All part of your humble efforts to further your altruism here.

You boasted recently in the middle of being offended that you are hard to offend. Of all the monks currently active, I offer the list above as partial proof that you are the easiest to offend and the fastest to reach for nastiness, epithets, and hyperbole as rebuttal. If this simple profanity search through a fraction of your posts could instead be targeted for overreaction, insults, and abusive language, the list would be five times as long. Congratulations on your mission to save the Perl hoi polloi from our crap algorithms and wrongthink.