in reply to finite automata

I have an assignment to write on finite automata, and was told that perlmonks was a good place to start. I tried posting a few questions, but someone called NodeReaper kills removing them.

Since you seem to know a lot about finite automata, perhaps you can help me? This is really urgent, as the assignment is due tomorrow, and the dog ate my textbook.

You guys have been so helpful. One of your users provided me with some source code that does exactly what I want. The only problem is that it uses Quantum::Superposition to read the file without looking at it, and the rest of it seems to be written in Latin. This is just great, except I skipped all my latin classes and copied off my friend for the final assignment, so I was wondering if anyone knows the latin word for print?

Please remember this is URGENT!!!!! I have to have the assignment in tomorrow otherwise I'll fail.

Thanks again for all your help,