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got me a new toy yesterday - an OpenWrt device(this one since you ask).

There is of course perl available and even modules are packaged, so you can e.g. install WWW::Mechanize via the package-manager.

But this is where it gets funny...

I've installed the perl-package and the mech-package, which pull in their dependencies, and when the install is done this fails:

use strict; print "hi\n";
Can you spot the error?

Yes - it's strict. You need to install yet another package if you want to use strict.

Now I don't believe for a second that nothing in mech plus dependencies uses strict which makes me conclude that the dependencies that are reflected in the package-system of OpenWrt and the perl-dependencies are not friends (they probably have not even be introduced).

Which makes me wonder:

Is the wider perl-community involved here somewhere as I would like to help out to fix this.

Many thanks!