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While the latest local::lib lists an ExtUtils::MakeMaker prerequisite of 7.00, it will usually work with versions back to 6.31. The newer prerequisite is because EUMM has changed how it parses some options, and local::lib produces the newer format. However, if you are only dealing with simple paths with no spaces or other special characters, the output of local::lib will work with older EUMM versions. If it is too much trouble trouble to get a newer EUMM, you can ignore the prerequisite warning.

The --shelltype option requires local::lib 2.0. Without that option, local::lib does shell detection based on the SHELL environment variable. In your environment, the older version is detecting your shell properly.

local::lib is meant to help with installing libraries in a separate directory, but it can't help with installing prerequisites. Since your machine is isolated from the internet, you'll need to either use a minicpan type solution, or resolve the prerequisites yourself by recursively installing them.