in reply to Can Perl do anything Java can do?

The answer is irrelevant, IMHO, since the question is insufficient.   You should do a careful conceptual design of the entire project, then very formally evaluate the two languages with regards to it.   Both your team and your senior management need to be fully comfortable with this momentous decision.

The Java language is much heavier, but at the same time it has many features that Perl (5, at least) does not even consider:   strong typing, compile-time checking, a more robust class implementation, and so on and on and on.   Therefore, it could be said (in one meaning of the question) that all of these things are “things that Perl can’t do.”   But on the other, “there’s more than one way to do it.™”   So, if you please understand my meaning, “what really is your question?”   How many of these features might be important to your project?   What would simplify the external interfaces to other pieces of software within your enterprise ecosystem?

This decision should be soberly regarded as a point of no return.   The technical characteristics are only a drop in the bucket of relevant decision criteria.