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Hey there Perl Monks,

I am honestly sick of seeing "Circuit Python" and Lua take over the microcontroller/embedded scene. I am not sure how to help but would be willing to put some time and effort into this.

All I am looking for in this thread is for brainstorming and references on this topic.

For example, how easily or how hard to created an OpenWRT MicroPerl package that can provide a basic and lightweight interpreter and a set of packages to do the most common tasks (Web server, Web Client, MQTT, etc.). How hard is that?

Who is willing to help make this happen? Maybe it's already happening and I just need to join that effort?


P.S. I am already using Perl in OpenWRT (I refuse to use Python or Lua) although it's a pain in the ass given the curated selection of packages. Ideally, a single Circuit Perl package would be awesome, but perhaps this is not the right approach.