in reply to Should cpanminus be part of the standard Perl release?

(I originally made comments similar to the below in the ChatterBox on 2018-06-01T08:43:37-0500, but adding here for comment by others.)

As some may not be familiar with cpanminus (or other CPAN clients), perhaps it might be of benefit to provide (possibly as one or more tutorials or meditations) a comparison of cpanminus to other common CPAN clients, showing the strengths (and, my hope, the weaknesses also) of both, and illustrating the reason(s) you believe there is (or is not) a benefit to doing so.

(Personally, I believe I only tried cpanminus on one occasion, and I honestly only remember that it used a different directory structure to my normal CPAN usage ("perl -MCPAN -e 'shell;'"), and thinking that if one were experimenting with different CPAN clients how much space could be "wasted" in the process.)