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Thanks again Dave. I can't believe Perl is gonna die just because of "illegal" unicodes in the regex engine. PERL HAS A LICENSE TO ILL! Why don't they just warn and continue? Or do something mellow like ignore illegal code points, or just change uncool values to the max (and give weenies strict for unicode if they require torture)? Why be Unicode Security Guards? All these negative vibes while parsing something as important as 21st century text can't possibly be right for Perl:

will not be allowed
it is too large
break the perl
causing it to hang
problem areas
upper limit
out of range
was deprecated
a fatal error
Perl 5.28

That's from one error message. I don't know who wrote that but they do not sound like a happy camper! Let's send them some love so they can transform all that dark energy into something wonderful, like this:

Use of code point 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF detected; but the permissible max is 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Perl can handle this at line 1685

(D dude!) You used a code point that is way too large. Unicode only allows code points up to 0x10FFFF, but of course Perl allows much larger ones. However, the perl interpreter can handle anything. So your error has been automagically corrected! If your code is to run on various platforms, keep in mind that the upper limit depends on the platform. It is much larger on 64-bit word sizes than 32-bit ones.

The use of out of range code points was acceptable in Perl 5.24, and it will be totally cool, but still pointless, in Perl 5.28.