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I would avoid writing such elaborate sorting subs and use DBD::RAM. This is the first timer for me, BTW.

This is yet untested tested now:

use DBI; use SuperSplit; my $data; { local $/ = undef; $data = <DATA>; } $data=~tr/\-/,/; my $dbh = DBI->connect('DBI:RAM:','usr','pwd',{RaiseError=>1}); $dbh->func({ table_name => 'file', col_names => 'source,year,month,time,sip,sport,dip,dport,hits, +acl,mlnum', data_type => 'CSV', data_source => $data, }, 'import' ); my $ar = $dbh->selectall_arrayref(qq[SELECT * FROM file ORDER by spo +rt asc, time desc ]); print superjoin(',',"\n", $ar ); __DATA__ Monmouth,2000-05-2000:00:09-04,,138,192.100.255,66,2,105,1 +234 Jackson,2000-04-2100:00:10-05,,144,192.67.29,134,8,101,148 +7 Meade,2001-01-0500:00:11-04,213.132.32,175,,151,12,107,153 +2 Yuma,200-03-1100:00:12-05,,156,,156,10,105,1578 Monmouth,200-04-1000:00:10-08,,125,,159,16,101,1879 Lewis,2000-03-1200:21:45-32,,144,192.67.29,134,32,107,1487 Hero,2001-01-0500:00:11-04,,132,,151,12,101,15 +32 Jackson,2000-01-0500:00:11-04,,175,,151,14,105, +153
Of course you will have to write your own sorts here, but that is fairly easy now, just adjust the SQL ORDER string.


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