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A colleague of mine is trying to save some websites (with frames) viewed in MS Internet Explorer and edit them in the editor of Champions MS Word. (Please go easy on the 'choice' of tool - this is the corporate toolset!)

The Edit with Microsoft Word for Windows 97 option will happily open all of the document... except for any information that happens to be contained in a frame. ;->

I thought that a simple way to resolve this might be to:

  1. Get the master document (using LWP::Simple?)
  2. Analyse it with HTML::Parser
  3. Get the text of all the documents referred to by the frames.
  4. Spit out the HTML, but with <table> tags instead of <frame> tags.
  5. Inside the table tags, we'd add the subdocuments (with the surrounding <html><head><body> tags removed.
Is this a reasonable way of attempting this? I'm not too proud to accept pre-rolled solutions if anyone's got one lying around - not to mention workarounds or rtfms!
btw: I'm perfectly aware that the above solution might break navigational elements/links etc., but for the purpose at hand all we want is a visual document that can be edited in Word, not a functional web-page.