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Working with people is more than knowing your stuff, it's about working with people. Many companies have questions just to see how the interviewee responds to insulting questions.

imho this is pretty hateful. I'm getting very tired of interviews where they're trying to find out about my personality by asking trick questions.

I agree 100% that there's no use knowing your stuff if you can't work with other people, but if they want to find out what I'm like as a person, why can't they just take me out to lunch! >G<

At least in a (fairly) genuine social situation, a potential employer would get to know me. Trick questions in a technical interview just mean I have to guess the answer they're looking for - for example, some interviewers are testing your assertiveness, and want you to stand up for yourself, whereas others just want you to agree with them.

Oh for better trained interviewers.