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Before I give mine I had a couple of minor issues.. (heh you knew that was coming didnt you?)

It(=4c<!>)Os1;0S,>.+**<=><&&><and><gt>++<==>B1L1 C2P-0.5N>eR2Vc1a1p(s0h0a0)r1.5d0Hsw1sub-main-tidy
more compliant with the updated spec. I stand by the tidy bit though.
It=4! Os1 ;0 S,>.+**<=><&&><and><gt>++<==> B1 L1 C2 P-.5 N>e R2 Vl(en)c1a1p(s0h0a0)r1d.5 Hsw1 sub-main-tidy

BTW, two thoughts regarding perltidy, the first is that you might have a look there for even more options for a later version of the perl geek style code, and on the other hand wouldnt it be cool if you could feed this style blcok into perltidy and have it behave accordingly? Now theres a nifty little hack that you could do that would put your style code a touch above some of the other codes (at least in terms of practicality.)

Cheers Juerd, good post!

Yves / DeMerphq
Writing a good benchmark isnt as easy as it might look.