in reply to delete(), but for arrays

I have a number of similar problems; I was thinking about writing about them in Meditations.

Essentially, this: the // operator has been deemed such "good stuff" that it's going into 5.8.0, even though it was proposed for 6 (I believe ;). I, too, think it's hot rockin' stuff and want to start using it now, dammit.

What do I do? For all the machines I maintain, 5.5 is pretty much 'the standard' (although most have 5.6.0). Upgrading isn't too hard I guess.. and luckily, I'm in control of all the machines anyway. But there is a kind of cutting-edge-iness which feels wrong somehow. And especially if I was writing code to be released, having recently experienced the hell that is PHP (some software I wanted to use demanded PHP 4.2.0 minimum, and RedHat haven't even packaged that yet.. dependency hell and then some...), I would want to keep it lowest-common-denominator.

I think that's my answer. LCD for employment use, LCD for public use, cutting edge anything-goes for me personally ;) And eventually, when the new becomes passe, all my P3rl sk1llz are ready to take full advantage of the new powers bestowed on us :)