Item Description: A curses base User Interface framework

Review Synopsis:

I had to write a configuration utility for an embedded appliance that would not have a monitor attached to it.

In looking around I found the Curses::UI module from CPAN.

The ability and power of this module is amazing it enabled me to create popup windows, textentry fields, radio button boxes, allow the user to read files. All from a serial console.

This is done with a few simple instructions. Once you create the initial $cui object everything else ties into it.

I was also able to easily break my code down into objects that were their own windows. From the driver code I am able to tell the objects to draw themselves and the correct page appears.

This module has been invaluable in speeding up my development of a text base user interface to enable customers to configure these machines. I would encourage anyone who is working with a server that needs to setup a simple menu system to control your machine to investigate Curses::UI.