hey all--

One of the things that makes Ultimate my favorite sport to play is a clause in the official rules regarding the Spirit of the Game. It is this clause that allows all Ultimate, even high-level competitive games, to be adjudicated by the players themselves. Many feel that this is one of the defining points of Ultimate, and I tend to agree.

It occured to me that we rely on a similar spirit-driven system, and so I present for your approval:

Spirit of the Monastery:

Perlmonks relies upon a spirit of fellowship which places the responsibility for brotherly conduct on the individual Monk.

Highly opinionated and informed contributions are encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among Monks, adherence to the agreed upon rules of the Monastery, or the basic joy of perl.

Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate adverse conduct from the Monastery.

Such actions as taunting of other Monks, aggression in posts, belligerent intimidation, intentional disrespect, or other self-aggrandizing inconsiderate behavior are contrary to the Spirit of the Monastery and must be avoided by all Monks.

Just Another Perl Monk,

with many thanks to the excellent folk at the UPA for inspiring the form of this declaration with section 1.B. of the 10th Edition Rules

Spelling fix at author's request - dvergin 2002-08-29